To renew your massage license

Submit the renewal by mail or by visiting our office. Online renewal is NOT available to Massage Therapists at this time. Please send in the following:

1. Renewal application that came attached to your license.*
2. Money order or cashier's check for $50 or $100. $50 is for a 1 year license, $100 is for a 2 year license.
3. A copy of your insurance policy showing that it is still current.
4. A copy of your certificate or transcript showing that you completed the correct amount of CEUs.**
*If you no longer have the renewal application that came attached to your license, you may send in a note with your name, address, phone number, and file number or social security number. You will also need to include an additional $5 on your payment for the missing renewal application.

**If your current license is a 2 year license because you were grandfathered in, you must complete a total of 10 CEUs. The reason for this is that the rule is 5 CEUs are due per year, and a 2 year license would mean 10 CEUs total. The number of CEUs is based on your current license; it is not based on the number of years you want to renew for.