Q: How do I apply to get my Oklahoma License?

A: Please refer to the Oklahoma Board of Cosmetology and Barbering website at: https://www.ok.gov/cosmo/Massage_Therapy/index.html

Q: I have read the Permanent Rules, and do not agree with all of them. Is there any recourse?

A: If you find things in the Permanent Rules you don’t like, don’t despair! The Rules are reviewed by the Advisory Board on Massage Therapy (ABMT) and committee members made up of concerned massage therapists, to be submitted to the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering (OSBCB). If you don’t like the changes made to the rules, then you need to take a proactive approach. Attend the OSBCB and ABMT especially in the summer months as both boards look to the start of the legislative sessions. Those who show up and speak up will make the changes to regulation, good or bad.

Q: May I attend OSBCB or ABMT meetings?

A: All state board meetings are open to the public. State boards are required to submit their regularly scheduled meetings to the Secretary of State by December 15th each year. The Advisory Board on Massage Therapy currently holds their meeting on the third Thursday every other month starting in February. OSBCB’s regular schedule is the second Monday every other month starting in January. To search either board on Secretary of State you can click on Open Meetings and then search meetings and type in Cosmetology and Barbering, Board of or Oklahoma Massage Therapy Advisory Board. This is the best way to find when meetings are being held, especially if amendments have been made to the schedule for any reason. There will be times that special meetings are scheduled. Law requires posting of agenda in a public setting, this is met by placing them on the doors of their facility and testing center. We advise everyone to check the OSBCB website click on Board Meetings then Agendas to find the newest agenda and meeting times.