Government Relations

Government Relations Chair

Position Title: Government Relations Chair

 Purpose: The Government Relations Chair is the liaison between the local ordinances, state legislation, and the Board.

Eligibility: The candidate must be a Professional member in good standing and sign the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

 Accountability: The Chapter Government Relations Chair is accountable to the Chapter Board and Chapter Members by virtue of appointment. The Chapter Government Relations Chair agrees to uphold and abide by Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Term of Office: The Chapter Government Relations Chair shall be appointed every year.

 Relationship: The Chapter Government Relations Chair reports to the Chapter President.


1.    Is a non-voting position.

2.    Is available to members if they have local ordinances that need reviewing.

3.    Liaison between Lobbyist and Chapter.

4.    Attends or delegates meetings at the state capitol, LOB (Legislative Office Building), or AG’s (Attorney General) office when required.  

5.    Maintains a positive relationship with the DPH (Department of Public Health)

6.    Work with the CSMT Chair and Lobbyist to coordinate LAD (Legislative Awareness Day). Work with the Volunteer Management Chair after the event.

7.    Attend all Chapter membership meetings.

8.    Report to the President one week prior to Board and Membership meetings.

9.    Author newsletter articles as appropriate.

10.  Identify, cultivate, and recruit future Government Relations Chairs.

11.  Fulfills responsibilities as described in the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

12.  Maintains orderly records of activities and timelines relevant to her/his position during their term and supplies the incoming Secretary with those records to ensure a smooth transition.

13.  Must perform duties as described in the Orientation and Procedures Manual.

Time Commitment: Nothing on a regular basis. When legislation comes up, it can take between 2 and 10 hours, depending on if it’s state level versus town level.

 Removal from Office: A Chair may be removed from appointment for failure to:

1.  Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).

2.  Abide by Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct.

3.  Keep AMTA membership dues current.

 Removal shall occur upon recommendation from a Chapter Board member with a two- thirds vote of the entire Chapter Board. The National Office must be contacted prior to Chapter Board voting on removal of a volunteer.

Approved via National Board Motion #1206:94

Revised March 2008

Updated: Motion: #1016:44